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  • Mental Health and Personal Holiness

    Mental Health and Personal Holiness

    A speech by Dallas Willard delivered ~2003 at a Christian Counselors Convention. Transcription Now I have a lot to say to you and I hope it won’t be burdensome. So I want to come right to it and just sum it down in a number of points. I had told Heidi and others that I would…

  • Sing the New Song

    Sing the New Song

    From two messages preached at Charity Christian Fellowship Recognizing the New Song—Part 2 Every time I sing, I think these thoughts: This is the only activity in the typical church service that we’re still going to be doing in eternity. Someday the preaching will all be over. Someday the praying will all be over. Now…

  • Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

    Nabeel Qureshi, a former devout Muslim, describes his dramatic journey from Islam to Christianity.